Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR)

The Scottish Government recently introduced legislation requiring all Housing Associations to carry out an electrical check of all stock every 5 years.

This means Blairtummock HA has a programme to carry out these checks in addresses where the last electrical check was more than five years ago.

 The programme of testing is to ensure tenants and their neighbours are safe. In addition the Association has to operate within the legislation, to satisfy the Scottish Housing Regulator and our insurers.  Every tenant must provide access to allow the check to be carried out.

Unfortunately, not all tenants have been cooperative despite contact from both our contractors and our staff. Tenants will be contacted several times however due to the legislation being necessary we will have no alternative but to force access to those addresses which are still outstanding. If we have to do this the tenant will be billed for the cost of the forced access.

If you have been contacted by us or our contractor regarding an electrical check please make contact with us and we will arrange an appointment that is convenient to you.

Thank you for your cooperation.