Management Committee

Catriona Jamieson - Chairperson

Catriona originally joined the Management Committee in 2018 with a small break and returned in September 2022 and was elected as Chairperson 7th September 2023.  

Margaret Pirrie - Secretary

Margaret originally joined the Management Committee in April 1995 has experience in many roles within the Management Committee having previously been Secretary and Chairperson, she has also been Convenor of Housing Management & Maintenance Sub-committee, Staffing & Administration Sub-committee & Health & Safety Sub-committee. 

Donna Miller - Treasurer

Donna has been a member of the Management Committee since September 2019 and was elected Treasurer in September 2020.  Donna has also served as Convenor of the Finance & Audit Sub-committee and has attended many courses to assist in her role.

Catherine Black - Committee Member (April 1994)

Jim Kane - Committee Member (Joined September 2023)

Elizabeth McGill - Committee Member (Joined May 2022)

Jason Thet - Committee Member (September 2023)

Mandy Morgan - Co-opted Member (October 2022)

Margaret Ann Kelly - Casual Vacancy (November 2023)

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The Management Committee meet monthly and meetings normally last around two hours and no more than three. Sub – committees meet quarterly and  these meetings are shorter. Committee members also attend training and conferences throughout the year in order to improve their skills and knowledge.

The Management Committee set the Strategic Direction of the organisation and oversee the work of the staff in implementing this. There is an annual programme which Committee follow in order to ensure that the various areas of business are dealt with at the most appropriate time of the year, such as budget and rent setting being discussed at meetings every year during December and January in order to be implemented from the start of each financial year. The Management Committee reviews the Business Plan annually and monitors quarterly throughout the year.

A few members of the Management Committee meet monthly with Committee members from other Housing Associations across Greater Easterhouse (Easterhouse Housing & Regeneration Alliance) to lobby and campaign at all political levels.

EHRA  members work in partnership with Connect Community Trust to deliver welfare rights service within our communities. EHRA members also share funding applications and resources for the community facilities that operate in the communities.

If you wish further information or are interested in joining the Management Committee please contact Jacqui on 773 0202 or email